Coursera is currently the most popular online learning platform around the world with over 33 million registered users and over 2,400 courses. It was founded by Stanford professors and most of its courses are taught by top professors from elite universities. Coursera offers degrees, professional certificates, and individual courses on a wide variety of subjects. You can take courses for free (without the possibility of doing assignments, taking tests, or earning a certificate) or pay for a course or degree. Individual courses typically cost around $50 per course, and degree programs cost substantially more but are much cheaper than on-campus degrees at most universities. Get started with Coursera today!

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado Boulder (completely online)

Cost: $20,000 for Master’s Degree or $667 per credit hour

Duration: 2 years for full degree (30 credit hours), 6-9 months for graduate certificate (9 credit hours)

Master of Computer Science
Arizona State University (completely online)

Cost: $15,000

Duration: 18-36 months, 20 hours per week (10 courses)

Master of Computer Science
University of Illinois (completely online)

Cost: $21,440

Duration: 12-36 months, 10-12 hours per week per course (8 courses: 32 credit hours)

Bachelor of Computer Science
University of London (online courses)

Cost: £10,088* - £15,132

Duration: 3-6 years, 14-28 hours per week (23 modules)

Master of Computer and Information Technology
Penn Engineering (completely online)

Cost: $25,000 (tuition) + $1,300 (fees)

Duration: 16-40 months (10 courses)

Master of Applied Data Science
University of Michigan (completely online)

Cost: $31,688-$42,262 (more than half of students expected to receive financial support)

Duration: 12 months minimum (34 credit hours)

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